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Clear Flight Solutions creates unmanned aircraft systems and specializes in bird control and aerial inspections. The Robird® is the most effective bird control solution in the world. We solve problems by combining the strength of nature with new technologies. Read more about who we are.


Our Robird® and custom drones are not for sale. We do however, like to show them off. Are you curious to see our innovations? Would you like an impression of what we take along when you hire us? Read more about what we develop.

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Birds are beautiful creatures. However, if you work in aviation, waste management, harbours or agriculture, you will be aware that birds are a tough problem to deal with. Read more about where we operate.

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  • Effective Bird Control - Clear Flight Solutions


The key to solving your problem, flies in the air. With our unique Robird® and custom drones we offer highly effective solutions for bird control and perform inspections of industrial, natural and agricultural areas. Read more about what we do.

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  • Effective Bird Control - Clear Flight Solutions

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