Since the dawn of humanity, farmers and birds have had an ongoing battle with high stakes: large flocks are capable of ruining an entire harvest. Foraging and nesting birds are hard to chase away from agricultural areas.  But thanks to the Robird®, the odds are now in our favour.

Birds can be one of the worst nightmares for farmers, literally eating or destroying their livelihood. Birds are attracted by highly nutritious crops, protein-rich grasses or orchards as well as by freshly sowed fields. 

It is extremely difficult to successfully chase off the birds and to prevent them from returning. Besides: completely static measures such as scarecrows actually attract birds, since birds learn to associate the immobile dummy with food: food without repercussions. 

The Robirds offer a relief in many of these situations. During the nesting period, wading birds can be kept from nesting in fields; during sowing, the Robirds can keep birds at bay; in orchards the Robird® can be used to protect fruit as it ripens.

Is your produce threatened by birds and are you looking for a highly efficient, sustainable and animal friendly way to solve the problem and reduce the damages? Please contact us, so we can craft a custom program to chase and keep the birds away.

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