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Airports are attractive sites for birds. The large open areas are an ideal resting place, and for wading birds grasslands offer nesting sites. Collisions between birds and aircraft, a.k.a. bird strikes, are a possible hazard. Not only do bird strikes lead to billions of euros in damages to aircraft, they might also cause a serious crash with potential casualties.

You may recall the emergency landing of the US Airways Airbus A320 on the Hudson River on the 15th of January 2009 after the aircraft had collided with a flock of geese. Thanks to the the pilot’s exceptional skills, all passengers and crew survived the crash.

Bird strikes happen regularly, and the problems are increasing due to growing bird populations, faster and quieter airplanes, and a growing number of flights worldwide. The surroundings of airports are another factor: these are often close to water or surrounded by agricultural fields.

The Robird® offers unique possibilities at airports. The most important one: the ability to exert influence beyond the fences of the airport. Since the Robird® influences the eco-system in a wide area, they become the first line of defence in diminishing the presence of birds. When the Robird® is operated inside and outside the fences of the airport, this can increase the effects. Birds will eventually learn to avoid the area as much as possible, giving the Robird® a unique preventive effect.

Of course, a combination of bird control tactics remains necessary, and acute measures from the Bird Control Unit remain the last line of defence when there are birds very close to or on an active runway. However, acute measures will not be needed quite as often, since the Robird® creates a naturally unattractive environment to birds which is far more effective than what can be attained by other types of habitat management.

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