Windfarms are a source of clean energy. Unfortunately, the giant turbines are often placed near bird migratory routes and their spinning blades cause a lot of deadly strikes with birds. Clear Flight Solutions can reduce the number of strikes by changing migratory routes permanently. 

Most birds have eyes pointing sideways, which means they have a very narrow overlap in their field of view. This narrow overlap impedes their judgement of distance. This makes it even more amazing that birds can land on small twigs. However, nothing in their evolution has prepared them for spotting the fast-moving blades of wind turbines, especially since the outer tips of the blades can reach speeds of almost 300 km/h.

Traditional methods like loud noises or bright flashes aren’t very useful in chasing away birds from wind farms, because birds will stick to their migratory routes. The solution lies in permanently changing their routes, so birds will keep a safe distance from wind farms. 

By tracking global temperatures and the seasons, it is easy to predict which species of birds will start their migration. Before the first birds arrive on route near the wind farm, we’ll start flying our Robird®. Spotters will think they’ve entered the territory of a predator and will alter their routes.

By repeating this process, migrating birds will start to avoid the area and won’t be surprised by the blades of the wind turbines. Are you curious about how we can help you? We’d love to come over for an ecological assessment and explain how we can alter migratory routes away from your wind farm. 

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