Effective Bird Control

Effective Bird Control

In different kinds of environments, bird control has always been and will always be an issue. From airports to orchards, birds can cause a lot of damage and may even create life-threatening situations.

At Clear Flight Solutions we have developed several long term effective bird control strategies, with incredibly high success rates. Not only did we realize fundamental declines in the presence of local bird populations, we were even able to reduce the number of pest birds to zero in our most successful projects. 

To develop a bird control strategy that lasts, you need to fully understand how the flocks of pest birds behave in and with the surroundings. Which kinds of birds create most damage? Do they use your site for nesting, foraging or resting? Are there other foraging or nesting locations nearby? What makes your site so attractive for birds? What kind of damage are they causing?

After an extensive intake we will develop a custom strategy for your specific site and problem. This strategy will use the instinct of birds against them, turning your site into a danger zone they will avoid. The Robird® establishes such a sense of impending doom that the knowledge of its presence will be passed down to generations to come. Not only is this an environmentally friendly approach, the Robird® also offers the most-effective long term solution in bird control.

How can we help you?

Are birds a problem for you right now? Please contact us today to talk about the possibilities. Notice: if birds are nesting at your site right now, there is little we can do. Birds will defend their nests ferociously. What we can do, is prevent a new generation of birds nesting at your site. Contact us before the nesting season to get maximum results.

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