Inspections: industrial areas

Inspections: industrial areas

From leaking pipes to badly isolated roofs, our drones can spot almost anything from the sky. Using state of the art cameras and custom software, our inspections are swift and thorough and easily tailored to suit your needs.

We’ve also got a lot of experience with nature inspections, and we’re capable of inspecting areas where industry and nature meet. We can, for example, check the porosity of dikes or monitor bird and rodent populations on an extensive construction site.

Thanks to our partners we are able to connect our cameras to state of the art software. From movement inspections to spotting inactive solar cells: everything is possible.

We will collect the data you require, and provide you with automated reports. Read more about the various possibilities of our inspections here.

Do you want to know how we can help you to inspect your industrial area? Please contact us today.

Customized for your needs

From unmanned balloons in Venice in the 1800’s to high tech aircraft looking for fawns in modern times; the history and development of drones and their applications are fascinating. At Clear Flight Solutions we have a small fleet of customizable multicopter drones, which we use for inspections.
  • Inspections: industrial areas

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