Wildlife surveying & agriculture

Wildlife surveying & agriculture

Combining nature and modern technology, we have developed several kinds of inspections that can help you. From locating wildlife with infrared cameras to tracking environmental changes and crop development, our drones will spot anything you want to find out about.

Locating a tiny sleeping fawn in a big field that is about to be mowed, can take hours if you are on the ground. With our drones and state of the art cameras, we can inspect a field or a forest in a matter of minutes.

Read more about the success of our inspections here. Do you want to know how we can help you to inspect natural or agricultural areas? Please contact us today.

Automate your findings

Thanks to our partners we are able to connect our cameras to state of the art software. We will only use the best hardware and software to fit your needs. From collecting simple coordinates to counting nests, to mapping and accumulating environmental data and creating automated reports: everything is possible.

  • Wildlife surveying & agriculture

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